well, its over. the day i was both anticipating and dreading.now, i understand that above all else, Christmas day is the day we’re supposed to remember and focus on the birth of our Saviour – Jesus Christ. and i made sure i did that.

its just, i mean – come on. no one wants to spend Christmas day away from home. and i know ive much to be thankful for…

no matter how you look at it, when all was said and done – it was just another day. the sun rose, the sun set. people went about their business. it was one day in the 365 of this soon-to-end year. just another day. and thats how i ended up looking at it. im begining to realize that this life is somewhat easier to handle when taken a day at a time. im not giving up on my dreams for the future… but sometimes its just easier to look at today as the challenge…. the moutain to climb or obstacle to overcome. its the battle that you will face. its today. and today… today, i think i can handle. tomorrow… the future? i know im completely inadequate to handle… but today. today we can get through.

so, without going into details, that – was my Christmas. just another day…. its come and gone and life innevitably will go on.

my family (mom + sisters) had Christmas nite dinner at…. dennys.

dennys. yeah, that just fills me with the warmth and joy of the holiday season. tons and tons. im just oozing with cynicism… i mean, holiday spirit. really.

anyway, i think this concludes my first post Christmas day blog. im going to leave you with a song

gold and silver

You slipped from my arms, I knew you had to go. Such a heavy heart, who could hope to hold. And I know where you’re going, and that’s the hardest part. No matter where tonight ends, you won’t escape your broken heart.

Stay a while

Helpless for the words, and it tightens up the air. It’s not what you deserve, it’s not for lack of care. Inside of me is screaming out, I’m praying for my prayers. Distracting and unworthy of each and every burning tear

Seems insincere

Do I see God in all of this? maybe all along… It’s just that we’re so small, and simply not as strong. Strong like wings of silver, and feathers made of gold. To carry heavy hearts, to cover all our helpless souls.

To cover all of us

Under wings of Gold and Silver sometimes we have to hide. For shelter from this bitter winter at least tonight.

(If it were mine to give I’d give you your own time. Turn it back or forward whatever you decide)

Stay a while