what kind of world do we live in when the most relevant people in our lives are those few souls scattered throughout the land of entertainment who – due to a staff of good writers and producers – actually exude a persona that relates to me?i realized something tonite… with the help of a friend.

its not the trust that i miss (although thats a huge part)… its not the closeness (again – a big part)… its not even the caesar salad…
its the bond. the bond with my family. my mom and dad… my sisters… close friends.

it’s being able to pick their tomatoes cause u know they don’t like em in their salad

its looking at them when they walk in a room and knowing every dertail of how their day went by how they looked at you.

its looking into there eyes and knowing you can see the very depth of who they are… and knowing they see you too.

its knowing that someone, somewhere, in this crazy world actually thinks you’re valuable… and…

it’s belonging in someone’s life so much……… that their life is a mirror of yours even though you’re doing something totally different.

and if they were stuck on a desert island for the rest of their life… and they could only bring one person… maybe… just maybe, they’d pick you.

its knowing that you matter to someone.