every now and then, one must recognize someone who has spoken words into there life…. and simply say thank you.

thank you for the words below. thank you for the friendship.

raw emotions are a rare and coveted thing. thank you for the brutal honesty of your heart… showing the rest of us, that our hearts haven’t really been beating at all….. so many of us have not really been living, understanding, accepting, fighting, acknowledging the fight that life is worth… thank you for the simplistic truth of living a life that is truly felt and experienced to the fullest…… isn’t that why Christ said that he came? that we might have life abundantly. congratulations to you, for not letting go and taking the wild chance at living life abundantly. see, so many have misunderstood abundantly for “easy” or “perfect w/ no hardships”…. thank you for having the grace to find out what “life abundantly” truly is, thank you for your courage… thank you for showing me.