i think i said that just a little while ago.last month to be exact? i think ill repost that. just to be clear.

i havent given up….

its a funny thing, isnt it. romance that is. at the very moment when you’ve given up on ever finding it…
it simply walks into your life like it was always there.

i’d be careful if i was you, or you may miss it. for you see, romance can form in unexpected places… and in unexpected persons.

i say all that to simply say this…

i havent given up. not yet.

i choose to believe that there is someone out there…

someone who, when she speaks… my world stops turning. when she looks at me, i realize my world is a much smaller place… because i see my future in her eyes… someone who makes me want to be a better man…

i havent given up…. not yet.

so maybe my post was on the right topic, just somewhat off center as to whom it was for.
either way… congrats to beebs and mr. italiano. one week officially at 2 am saturday morning.

now the question thats been haunting me all week this week has had to do with romance.

for those of you who know me. for the past year and a half ive written off a ‘significant other’ so much so that i was almost anti-romance. and wouldnt ya know…. somethings just gotta go and change. i dont honestly know what it is that has changed. but it has. something inside me…. maybe its not changing. maybe… maybe the yearnings in my heart for a ‘special someone’ are just slowly beginning to reawaken with the light of day. maybe its….oh who knows. its 2 am almost and im more than exhausted.

and sleep just wont come.