so im going to launch tonites posting without a title. however, i have this feeling that a title will be found as i wind my way through my thoughts.of which, ive only two.

have you ever been having a conversation with someone and only realized something… or only had something hit you – when you hear it come out of your own mouth?

i did.



i dont know what to think right now. and im no where near sure if anything is even ‘right’.

but i will say


and…. to end the nite….

in each moment of life… in each, scene in this great play…. we’re given a specific role. some of us may at times be the star of the show… at other times, we may play supporting roles. in other scenes, we may be nothing more than background and filler… or even props… and then there are the times when we’re called to be nothing more than the guy who sweeps up the auditorium after the show…

in each scene of my life, i want to be where im supposed to be…in the role im supposed to be doing. be that star, tree, or janitor…. i do not care…i simply want to be right where im destined to be.

and as the curtain closes on tonite, may you find rest for your souls under His wings… and in His peace.

(nannyk8 – call me?)