so im sitting here to post… not because ive anything pressing on my mind or heart, but simply because im beginning to think that my blog – and the world of faithful readers out there – were feeling akin to the ignored friend. well, please… know you’re not.

dawn, im sorry ive not been online and able to talk more. i miss ya:-)

courtney, thank you so much for my Christmas card. it made my holiday lots brighter!

skip, thank you for your support, friendship, and the dvds. you’re yovey!

so the holidays are over. is it wrong of me to say im actually thankful? im not sure.

Christmas was ok, spent the morning of on the phone with my family while they opened gifts. then it was off to my moms side for a late afternoon thing. spent that evening with skip. all in all a good day.

spent the 26th at my dads side for a few hours. ended up losing it and just balling in the parking lot of Sams club later that day.

you see, my dog angel… who is now… wow, 11 years old… resides at my grandparents farm now (dads side). she (angel) is the only immediate family i have within a 1000 miles. and it had been months since id been out there to visit. of course she still knows me… happily said hi. she loves it there. its like a 500 acre retirement home for dogs.

seeing angel…. all the memories… wow.

after my dads side, and hangin with the dog… i ended up in the parking lot of sams club. balling my eyes out on skips shoulder. i miss my family. i miss my dog.

my sister said that this Christmas was the first time in 2 years that mom actually had a smile on her face when she woke up that morning.

they actually had a christmas dinner. no dennys this year.

and honestly, those two things right there… are simply put… the best two gifts i received this year.

they say you can see God in the little things in life. they say He works in mysterious ways sometimes. i think, that for this anyway… they are right.