i wanted to be sure and complete a few things before the weekend ended.

first and foremost, a shout out to valery for sendin me some love via her blog for my birthday:-)
if you dont usually check out my link section, you should. especially the one marked “val”.

neat how i used her name as the link huh?

in other news, i stuffed my foot down my throat quite deeply with my boss on thursday.

during our weekly meeting i happened to remark on a plant that a friend of his had given him. the plant was a flamingo plant. its leaves turn pink… like a flamingo… it was cool. anyway.

as i sit down i happen to see the little card on which was printed the name of the plant. except… misread it. i didnt say “flamingo”. with a completely straight face, i told him i liked his flaming plant. now please… understand my boss is gay.

needless to say, that didnt go over well…

but he did understand and, thankfully, originally thought the card said flaming as well.


one of my leads at work sold this week.
praise Jesus!

i just had a whole two paragraphs typed up regarding my struggles with the past few weeks.

i dont think its worth delving into right now.

on a different topic… one year ago this time, my mom and sisters were in rochester. that wa the last time ive seen them.

i cant wait for february. i simply cant. ill be headed home then.