so im not sure why im deciding to post tonite.

ive been thinkin just a little bit about a question someone i care for asked me a few days ago.

why do we have winter?

now understand, tthis question was posed during a period of subzero windchills… (minus 30 tomorrow)

i ended up speaking with someone else earlier this week about a cello we had gotten a chance to listen to. a 300 year old, $40,000 cello. and we ended up talking about the Stradivarius Violins. about how pure and beautiful they sound…

and how, they just figured out why these specific violins outshine all others.

its the wood.

the wood they’re made with was taken from the tree line of a mountain region. the trees at this altitude were the first ones to fight through the cold ground and actually thrive… just a few feet higher in altitude and all plant life stops.

this is where the wood came from.

and it was because of the insane winters, the gale force winds, the blazing heat from the sun…. the overall harsh living conditions, that created a wood that was more dense than anything out there. the very cellular structure of the wood was different than that of violins made from the same type of trees from less intimidating evrioments.

this wood, in the hands of a master, becomes something of beauty. something that now is valued in the millions of dollars. something that was more than the simple sum of its parts.

so to answer the question…

our winters force our roots to go deep. we either fight through what we’re going through… or we die.

if we choose to fight, we’re forever changed. and one step closer to being something beautiful…

when played, in the Masters hand.