where did this come from?
in so many ways, im just stagnant.

its as if i chose to fracture my spiritual growth in segements. ill focus on one area… or specific areas, and completely ignore others.

im realizing that tonite.

im also realizing that time flies by. and that the most mundane moments in life, are sometimes the most precious.

so as i sit here, contemplating decisions that will undoubtedly impact the rest of my life, and the lives of those i care about the most… my initial reaction is to try and reason all this out. figure out how i can make this happen so that all parties involved have the best chances for happiness. but i realize it is an excercise in futility.

i guess what i want to say tonite, is this…

man cannot live… no matter how hard he tries… without sunshine. i love the sunshine. my sunshine.

and my prayer tonite,

Lord, help me to run to you. Help me fall back in love with You. and help me to surrender everything to Your hands.

God is bigger than the air i breath
the world we live in
God will save the day
and all will say
My Glorious
My Glorious