and im not sure where i stand.

all i know is that im terrified. and im moving to a new land.

i love you.
i know that much.

and i trust God.

through the tears. and the pain. and not knowing how long ‘goodbye’ will last. i still trust Him. i choose to do this.

and i dont know why. maybe i do. maybe because its all i know.

maybe its because you’re all i know. you’re all ive known for the past 2 years. you’ve been the part of me i always knew would be there. the part that i knew would make it through. the part i knew would be victorious. you loved me. you love me. and i dont have the words for how much this hurts.

i cant believe im actually doing this. 1700 miles. i must be crazy. because none of this makes any sense. and the tears fall like rain on all the things i once called certain.

when the broken start to dream again
and the sound of praise fills the streets
you’ll know its here.

thats why im going. its time for me to start to dream again. i need to. i need to heal. to learn to live. to learn to love and trust again.

i cant be the type of friend… brother… man… you need… until these things happen.

i love you.