i dont get it. i seriously dont. im now 24 years old… and even the last conversation with my mom has me upset.

my sisters wedding shower last month was a tremendous success… save the missing ring. yeah, thats right. my grandmothers “mothers ring” worth in the multi- thousand dollar range disappeared. of course, it was sitting on my grandmothers dresser… in her room. right next to the master bathroom. hello?

but now – i am playing my all time favorite roll, “go between”… between my grandmothers lack of things to do, and her insane ability to stew over bad things that happen… and my friends who hosted the party. one of which, my grandmother is “sure took the ring”.

yeah right.

so, after fielding two phone calls from my grandmother today where she all but accused one of my friends of stealing it… ive finally decided that i do not enjoy playing the parent for my parents anymore.

i still play go between for mom and dad. and this week was go between for mom and the people she was being told by grandma could have stolen the ring… (yeah, thats fun)… and now my mom is getting freaked that im storing some of my stuff at my dads parents because im moving 1800 miles in 4 FREAKING DAYS.


ive hardly seen you in two years, you no longer have the right to run my life. you lost it… long ago. so deal with it. im 24. i am who i am and im not going to change that just to make you better.

deal with it.