its 12:21am and i should be asleep
but i am not.

im am awake. thinking.

realizing how much has changed from this point last year.
realizing how much HAS NOT changed.

one thing remains.

the simplicity of Grace.

i spent this morning, 6 hours of it at the mall. welcome to black friday. the one day a year where walmart makes more than some small nations entire GNP. anyway…

and in keeping with BF shopping traditions, 6 hours, lunch, starbucks and a cold powerade later, i still left empty handed…. ::sigh::

but it was good. im home.

im with the family.

and i WILL be home for Christmas:-)

april said it best in her most recent post.

we have much to be thankful for. much.

i am a son of the Most high God… and i am loved:-)