i was watching tv a few days ago. ok, i wasnt so much as watching as enjoying it as background noise. i believe the national geographic channel was on… it was a show about dangerous jobs.

and one line caught me offguard. one line in this show caused me to pause and reflect. i was keanu reeves in every movie he’s been in… i was like woah.

60-70 fisherman die in the world every day. every DAY. thats somewhere around 24,000 every year. according to forbes.com, the most recent data they had (circa 2000) states that here in the US, fisherman have the second highest death rate while on the job. second only to timber-cutters.

i had to ask a question.

why… why when Christ walked this earth, why were the very first people He called… fishermen? why did He chose that profession? i mean – come on – His father was a carpenter! He would have know the lingo, the skills and what not for carpenters… not fisherman. Jesus wasnt a fisherman.

why? because carpenters didnt even make the 10 ten most dangerous jobs list.

Christ called fishermen…

His very first four disciples were fisherman (matt 4). He not only called fishermen, but he called them fishermen.

i cant imagine how many times greater the danger was to fisherman 2000 years ago… compared to now.

why did God chose fishermem?

because they knew danger. they were acquainted with loss. they understood sacrifice and had probably lost friends and loved ones simply doing what was – at that time – their calling.

He called them, He said come follow me and i will make you fishers of men. He called them… but in that calling was a warning. this wasnt going to be easy. you thought fishing for fish was rough? try following me!

the calling wasnt just a job description. it carried with it a depth and magnitude that james, peter, john and andrew all understood. they knew it would require their all. it would require them to give every single thing they had. it could very easily cost them there lives…

but they left… they left and followed Him.

He called, and warriors answered. they left picket fences, green lawns and good jobs… and the followed Him. they understood the calling. they understood the danger and the risks, maybe not the exact circumstances, but they knew what He was saying when He called them.

and i only hope and pray that at the times when they each faced loss, that you could find them on the chest of the one they chose to follow. i often wonder if, when one of them faced a loss, did Christ reach out to them and just hold them… be a father… and let them cry.

new topic…….

so tomorrow i make a phone call. one that ive dreaded for quite some time. tomorrow i call my aunt and uncle and tell them to do “whats best” for my dog, angel. we got her when i was 11. she’ll be 14 this year. she’s been living with my aunt and uncle since 2001 when the family left. the last time i saw her was may of last year…

it seems that age is simply getting to her… she’s old. and its time to find out what the vet thinks is best.

i knew, so many years ago when we first got her that a day like this would come. i just didnt realize we’d be more than 1000 miles away when it did.

i know its a part of growing up. i know its something thats done for her best. but that doesnt reinforce anything, that doesnt make me feel any better… it doesnt smooth anything over. it just hurts.

how do these topics tie together? im not sure… i just know i hope to find myself leaning on His shoulder… and that Christ will be there no matter what comes.