tonite was rough. i thought i had my “thankfulness item” all lined up. but something changed. i could go into more details, but actually i dont want to. all i really want is a cup of coffee. a cup of coffee, a close friend and a good, deep, soul satisfying conversation. we cant always get what we want.

which leads me to what i am thankful for…

the crappy times. or more directly, the things we can learn through them. some things can only be learned through the shi…. um, crap that life throws at us. humility, mercy, true love, compassion… those things we all want and desire to recieve and to give, but the longer im alive the more i realize that those cannot be birthed in us except through fire.

so thank you Lord for the fire. for the changing in me. help me to stay where you want me, just please… dont ever leave.