im slowly realizing that life will always be throwing crap at me. when ive conquered one thing, another will step right in and take its place. i need to stop freaking out whenever another bomb drops. and the past 24 hours have brought two.

but you know what? the sun will still rise tomorrow. people will get up. they will go to work. beyond that, i’m not in london right now. im not in the Florida panhandle. im here… and in my life tomorrow, the Son will rise.

this is our time. oh my freakin i am alive. and i need to start acting like it. no matter what may come my way, my life is in His hands. and Lord, i recomit myself to that, to your purposes and to you even right now. forgive my wanderings and…. do whatever you need to do in me as quickly as it can be done.

todays thankfulness item? a future. i am thankful for my future. for the future of my family. for my sisters, for my mom. assured. guarenteed. Christ signed His name in blood to promise that to me. and i need to start living like i believe it.

the question at hand,
help me understand is this your plan?
i think i can,can i think? then i think i can

because i wont break (nah)
and i wont shake (nah)
with lifted hands to this man (Jah) i stand in faith

ill make it through with my trust in you
close my eyes, make a wish, kiss the sky
cos now i see you