ive been slacking in my quest for 30 days of thankfulness. sorry. tonite will most likely be brief as its late.

tonite, i am thankful for the little things. for walking into my room and finding one of my sisters firmly planted in the middle of the bed. my bed, in my room, watching my tv. during another time and another place, that would have freaked me out entirely. now, its just a good thing.

i am thankful for seeing another sister come home from a long days work looking like the incredibly beautiful young woman she is. seeing the grace and elegance she has. and just knowing that the job she’s currently at isnt all that there is for her. knowing deep inside of you that her future is bright and beautiful and amazing and mind blowing and so much more than she could ever dream. knowing that, and wishing you could show her what you see.

i am thankful for being here. being in texas. for Gods plan. for hot sauce and for milkshakes. im thankful for my little sisters dog. and im thankful for IM convos with the greatest of people at 1am. i am thankful for the little things. i am thankful for the big things.

i am also thankful to be alive.