although words just dont seem to be here tonite, i could not let this week in September pass by without saying something.

im not sure i have words right now. not for what this week represents. for how much, what seems lifetimes ago, life changed. the world changed. my world changed. and i started a journey that i never in my wildest dreams could have fathomed. life fell apart. and i was forced to pick up the pieces.

now i stand, four years later amazed at whats happened. holding fast to the break of day….

ill be honest, for the most part im too afraid to look for His hand in all this. in all thats transpired. im resistant to finding His over-arching will buried inside of the shadows of the past 4 years. im not wanting to believe that a loving God could have anything to do with all thats happened.


i’ve absolutely no idea how to close tonites post. so im not going to. not officially. but ill leave you with this…

a new song.

for a new time.

and by the way, welcome back to my life…

oh Lord, why did you forsake me
oh Lord, dont be far away
storm clouds gathering beside me
please Lord, dont look the other way


we are crooked souls
trying to stay up straight
dry eyes in the pouring rain

the shadow proves the sunshine
the shadow proves the sunshine