things like this dont usually come easy to me. im typically the one helping, not asking for help. but i made a promise to a friend; and i was reminded once again that even our heroes, the mighty men and women who have walked the road we’re on, needed help.

and saul’s son jonathan went to david at Horesh and helped him find strength in God….

sometimes we need someone to help us find strength in God.

so this is me, asking for help. actually, im not looking for help so much as i am looking for a few people who know where im coming from. people who on occasion, need to be reminded that God is still God.

the longer i live the more i realize i cannot do this on my own. so maybe it is asking for help. its a cry, my hearts cry. i know there are people out there just like me. who need someone that they can turn to when the other shoe drops, or even just during a bad day. who need to know that this someone will cover them in prayer, go to war for them, and is simply there spiritually for them.

if you’re like me, this is your invitation. heck, even david needed someone to remind him where his strength was found. shouldnt we be able to say we need the same thing? anyone interested?
feel free to email