there are times in our lives when we must face inner demons.  when we must look the pain we hide, underneath the well placed veneers of self assurance and happieness, directly in its face.  its during those times when our facades are ripped away and who we really are, the unlovely, ugly us is laid bare.  we wake up one morning to realizie the depth of what we’re dealing with, and the blackness we see inside us, shocks us.

its at those times when all pretense of what life is supposed to be is left behind.  and we learn that we either fight or fail.  its all or nothing.  not to be cliche-ish, but its do or die time.  literally.  we either face the blackness inside, or we slowly die freefalling into it.

sometimes this dealing means airing our dirty laundry, and letting others see that life in our little world is nowhere near perfect.  that no, life isnt great and you’re scarred, and scared.  and all you want to know is that it really is, one day, going to be ok.

and other times, this dealing will find you alone.  encircled by the wonder of creation.  the warmth of the ocean breeze, the cool of the sand and the crashing waves.  and we slowly realize that this creation we so often overlook is the very message by which this One is telling us things are going to be ok.  the sand, the surf, the breeze.  they are constant.  they are change.

their very consistency is based on the fact that they cannot stop changing.  they exist in a state of constant change, of constant flux.  they will never rest, they will never be still, they exist because and by the very forces that command them to change.

and in the midst of this change, we realize that the lives of the followers of the One will almost always reflect this constant. change.  we will never be exactly who we are destined to be.  all our hopes, fears and dreams; if from the One we follow, will always be bigger than us.  and if we step up and follow the call, we will forever live our lives in this constant. change.

and if thats the case, then so be it.

for the surf, the sand, the breeze may constantly be changing, but remove just one of the three – and the ability of constant change – stops.  the breeze creates the surf which in turn changes the sand.  the sand gives the surf its voice, without the sand, there would be no noticable waves, and the sounds inside the ocean would be silenced. 

im waxing poetic, but you get the idea.

they must coexist in constant change.

the past few days have been rough for me.  and to those in my life whom that may have impacted, i do apologize.  contstant change is not an easy place to be.  but most importantly, i need to thank you. 

thank you for being my surf, my sand and my breeze.