“ones worst enemy is someone who has nothing to lose”

i used to think that this statement was one created to bring dread. meant to almost warn us about meeting someone with nothing to lose. as if they’d become our worst enemy. now im realizing something different.

im realizing that Christ fought for us. He lost everything. and He had to, to be able to fight and walk out the victor. He laid down everything, knowing full well that there was no guarentee of victory in every situation. knowing that not all those He went to battle for, would return His love. and yet He went anyway.

im realizing that one of the highest possible callings on a mans life, is to be called to love a woman. and im realizing that part of this calling, will be the need to fight. to fight for her. to protect her. in every way.

maybe im being premature in even mentioning that this has been stirring in my heart. but i know, that in so many ways, change has begun. and whatever happens, i do not want to stop changing. and should the call come, i want to be ready. ready to fight.

my prayer, should the call ever come, would be that i am found worthy. and until that time, that my heart would not get in the way of laying down at the foot of the Cross, whomever this person is.

someone once said that it was worth it, to know our Maker. and if it takes losing all i am and all i could ever be, to get to the point i need to be; to be capable of being called, then so be it.