things need to change.

they need to change in my life. and they need to change in my generation. i know im not the only one. the only one crying out for hope. the only one putting on a brave face. the only one working the 8-5 and just hoping that, well, hope will come if we just work harder. that if we just get that bonus, or this promotion, we’ll finally be happy.

i cannot be the only one unhappy. unfulfilled. wondering. wounded and searching.

i cant be.

because i believe that in each of us, exists a need for hope. a need to believe in something more. a need, a desire, an emptiness that makes itself known when hope is missing.

we were made to hope.

ive been pondering for months now starting another blog. everyone is familiar with postsecret. you can check them out here. they serve a tremendous need. the need for people to get secrets off their chest. i love that website. i love that idea.

i need a place like that. a place i can go where i can be real. real with my struggles, real with my weaknesses and my scars. and i find healing. i find that im not alone.

i find hope.

a website that would allow anyone to post. anyone who had found hope. or anyone who was still searching.

requests for prayer, cries for help… or whispers of there is hope. keep going. there is hope.

whispers of hope.