you give me hope. you do.  and i dont even think you realize it.

the above sentence could be written to any number of people in my life.  and to that, a goal is forming in my heart; to publicly thank  these precious people for the times, the ways in which they imparted hope into my soul.  because most of the time, they didn’t even know they were doing it.

tonight however, this post is for you beth b.
you bring me hope. you do.

you’ve walked through the fire of relationships that didnt end in happily ever after and yet you chose to continue to trust, and to look for love.

you work your tail off at a job most people wouldn’t be able to handle, and now, you’re taking on even more.  and yet still, you find time for those most important to you.  you find time for love.

i know i cannot understand all of the ways in which someones heart has been broken, but i can say i know enough to understand that the past few years havent been easy on you.  yet you still, you still let love in.

you give me hope.   and you give me strength.

you chose to follow the One.  when He asked for your heart, you gave it.  and you’re all the better for it.

i know ive been on the sidelines for so much of the life your living… but if im constrained to the sidelines, it only means im supposed to cheer you on.

because the life your leading beth, is worth cheering for.

you’re not perfect, no one is.  but you have an amazing person in your life.  a person who loves you more than anything.  and you love him just the same.  you stand at the beginning of the most amazing voyage of your life and im so happy for you… because you’re doing it right.

you’re sticking to what you believe.  and youre finding your happily ever after.

thank you.

because i question if happily ever after is really worth fighting for.

you answer that question, simply by the way you live.  you give me hope.


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Visitors from…

Sheesh peej, make me cry why don’t you…just scanning through my friends’ blogs and went to read yours and…wow.

Thank you.

Completely blessed by the happily ever after that’s before me and believing for yours to follow right behind me.

I love you big bro…

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