there is no weakness in asking for help.  if we were honest with ourselves, we’d probably say that our greatest moments of strength came when we let down our guard; and honestly, simply asked for help.

which is what im doing right now.

im asking for prayer.

for about 10 days now ive been battling an abscess.  without going into details lets just say its located in an area that makes sitting very painful.  i was misdiagnosed for about 4 days, so i only started on the antibiotics and uber-powerful painkillers on thursday.

to be honest, without the painkillers, i would hardly be able to move.

but you know what?  this is Christmas time.  a time of hope.  a time of miracles.  a time for reminding us what is truly important, and in finding that, we find life.

so i would ask for you to pray for healing.  but beyond that, i ask that you share your hopes, dreams, and prayers for this holiday season.

we’re all in this together aren’t we? so, here is to the ride.  to honesty.  to being real, and in doing so, finding out what this whole thing is truly all about.

May you find hope, and have a very Merry Christmas.