there are times when i seriously hesitate about posting something online.  be it simple uncertainty, fear, or knowing its just not the right time… sometimes i wonder if clicking “publish” is the right thing to do.

last night was one of those times.

i wont lie and say i was feeling chipper.  because i wasnt.  i was rather down last night.  and to be honest, i am not sure why.

Christmas did rock.  flat out.  110% rocked.  the whole day was amazing.  heck, the whole three day event was amazing.  christmas eve was a ton of fun, christmas morning was great.  i gave some stinkin awesome gifts:)

sometimes finding the courage to dream simply means being real with what we’re feeling.  dealing with it.  bringing it out into the light… because sometimes we need to see things, in the light, to see them for what they really are.  and that holds true for the battles we face.  sometimes we simply need to expose them to the light, to see how small they really are.

and how truly blessed we are.

Merry Christmas