dealing with disappointment isnt easy.

some of us have the ability to put a smile on. to fight through it. to just, chalk it up to another something that didnt work out the way we expected it to, and just move on. some of us can shake it off, gather our things and be gone. moving into whatever is next with all the anticipation and hope of a puppy running through the leaves. i try to be that person. i do. and i think im pretty good at it.

there are other times though…. when i just cant. when i cant move on. when i cant pretend things are ‘ok’. for just a small moment in time, i lose it. and im honest with myself. no, no-one ever sees it. not in its fullness. but it happens.

i think we all live this way. we all find ourselves in moments where we are too exhausted, we can no longer keep our guard up, and the real us shines through. moments, often times by followed by a trail of tears.

im learning that its in those moments; those moments where we drop our guard, where we no longer hold up the facade… those moments when -no, im not ok- breaks through to the surface… that we see true beauty.

its in those moments that, if we’re lucky, we see hope.