im hiding. i know i am.

sarah leaves in less than 2 months and im doing my darnedest to ignore it. to pretend its not happening. to pretend that one morning, very soon, i wont wake up to see a starbucks apron in the hallway.

im pretending that she’ll still be here. ill still get to pick on her. and i will still need to come home with three boquets when i bring home flowers.

she’s moving. she’s following her hope. she’s being brave. and shes following her dreams.

she’s leaving. and as good as following her heart is, i dont want her to go.

it seems like just yesterday i was coming home, here, texas. to be with them. to be a family. to live under the same roof. again.

and i know, life goes on. people grow, and change, and the brave ones… follow their dreams.

part of me knows that this is going to be good for her. that is is going to be for her, the next step into the awesome plan that God has for her life.

but the overprotective big brother in me doesnt want her to leave. that part of me knows i cant be ‘there’ for her. i wont be close by. car trouble, computer issues… guy problems. i want to be there for those. i do.

and i know, this is God asking me to lay her (both of them actually) down. to trust Him to care for her. and to rest in the knowing that she is safe in His arms…..

i know, i probably dont show it anywhere near as much as i should. but i love sarah, and beth more than life itself. and there isnt anything that i wouldnt do for them.

i still pray the 31st proverb over each of them.

and i will always be their big brother.

but times change. and they need to. and people grow, they need to. and the brave ones, follow their dreams.

so sarah, you have my blessing, my encouragement, and my hope…

be brave. follow your dreams.