i dont typically comment on current events.  because honestly, a lot of the ‘news’ the media focuses on, is a waste of time. for example, 50% of ALL cable news coverage last week focused on only one subject.

but i wanted to bring your attention to this.

a 15 year old girl in germany has been forcibly removed by 20 police officers from her home.  for a week she was held in a psychiatric facility.  her diagnosis was a ‘school phobia’.

the most recent update ive been able to find states that the german authorities have removed her from the facility and moved her to an unnamed location.  neither her parents, nor her lawyers have any idea where she is being held.

her crime? she was homeschooled.  yeah, thats all.

if you pray, id ask that you say a prayer for this 15 year old and her family.  and if you want to do more, as i will be doing, call the german  embassy in Washington, or email the authorities in germany.  you can find contact info here and here.