we grow up having to be taught every thing we know. every single thing we come to believe as truth, we must be taught.

faith and doubt; fear, joy and pain… expectation, and never expecting again… we must be taught all of them.

faith may be nothing more, than allowing yourself to step into the child that you once were. when you had yet to learn to doubt. when expectations were the best thing in the world… and you knew, you just knew that there was nothing that your Father could not do.

there was no wrong so wrong, nothing so damaged, no hurt so painful that Dad could not fix. He was Superman, Batman and Hulk Hogan all in one. and He was your hero. and you believed with all your heart that your father would never ever, cause you harm.

i dont know where im going with this, other than to say that somewhere between knowing that as the foundation for who i was, and turning 27, i lost that.

and i want it back.