you’d think that after having spent a week back home, reconnecting, healing, and finding freedom, i’d have so many words that i wouldnt know where to start.  in all honesty, im not there.  i dont have words.  im simply… thankful.

im learning that moments of hope come at the most unexpected times.  and im learning that the winds of change, and the storms of life are often times, one in the same.

and ive begun to realize that the old adage, we dont know what we’ve got until its gone is true. we dont. we so often dont realize the true value of what is in our lives, until it is gone.

we live in such a fast-paced world, that we often miss what we have.

and its only when we no longer have the ability to reach out and hug a friend, or meet them for coffee, that we realize how precious they are. that we realize how important, vital, and beautiful friendship is.

its then that we realize that the people placed in our lives must be there for a purpose. that this isn’t an accident. that these people, for better or for worse, are destined to be in our life. that they were designed to cross the roads we are on.

friends are there through thick and thin. through ups and downs. through victory, and failure. friends are the people whos names appear over and over again in our prayers, thoughts, and hearts.

the more i live, the more i realize that it is in these people that we find gifts beyond measure, that we find hope, that we find inspiration. that we find, in its most rare and pure form, life.
our friends are rainbows in our lives.  God ordained reminders of His promises to us.

promises that we’re not fighting through this storm, to simply drown.  promises that life will get better, that we have a hope and a future.  promises that this is worth it.

our friends remind us that life is worth living, and that even when we dont always see it, that this life is beautiful, simply because they are in it.


maybe your one of those who is blessed to live close enough to those you call friends, those called to walk alongside you, those you have been called to walk alongside, to see them on a regular basis. maybe you can meet them for coffee, or a night of throwing a frisbee on the beach.

if you do; the next time you order your americano, or see one of them pull off an amazing frisbee catch, make sure you let them know that they are without a doubt, the most amazing people in the world. and that you’re eternally grateful for having them in your life.


jenna, wendy, jen, april and mattie; thank you – for making this life so beautiful.  i am more thankful for each of you than words could ever express.  you challenge me, call me to live a more holy life, and offer me hope….thank you all, so much.

thank you, each of you, you bring life.