answers seem to come when we least expect them. and sometimes, if we’re not paying attention, we miss them. and we miss the growth, the opportunities to learn, and to live life, that much more.

i dont pretend to have all the answers. and i dont think we were meant to live life with all the answers. life was meant to be mysterious. life was meant to make us risk, put our hearts on the line, and maybe… just maybe, find what we were looking for.

once upon a time, there was a boy… and he thought he had found a girl. and in his prayers, he asked his Father for guidance. for answers. for a direction. he even had other friends praying for the same.

weeks later, the answer came. it wasnt the answer he expected. in fact, he didnt even realize it was the answer until days later. but the answer came. his Father was faithful.

the answer came. and thankfully, i saw it.

in this mystery, we will always have questions. moments when life seems to stop us, and we cannot help but question, cry out for understanding, and simply wonder. sometimes, the answer will come when we need them. other times, we will simply be asked to trust, and keep walking, even when it doesnt make sense.

we’re all given dreams, passions, things that make our hearts beat. we’re all given things that make us feel alive, and beyond that, make us want to live life… it is in those things that we know our Father exists. and that He cares. it is because of those giftings that we know that there is a calling, and a hope. and that even in the midst of the mystery, we can keep going.

He never promised that the way would be clear, only that He’d be with us. and that, in Him… we can learn to walk through the mist… trusting that one day soon… we will learn to run