when peter was called out onto the water – there was a definitive calling. a definitive moment of decision. a moment when peter had to put aside the laws of physics and simply trust. but it was there. a calling, an invitation, a split second in time. a life altering moment.

peter would have been foolish to have just leapt overboard whenever he felt like it. he didnt though. he didnt leap until he saw. he saw the maker of promises walking on water. he saw the calling on his life confirmed and in that moment his life was altered. he stepped out of the boat – and his true calling began.

up to that point, he was only a disciple. and yet moments later, God had a son that He knew He could leave to tend his sheep.

but it wasnt until peter saw. it wasnt until he heard the invitation. it wasnt until that moment.

and he wasnt ever the same.

where am i going here? i’m not sure. i just feel so much like im waiting for that calling. that call to step out of the boat. a vision to follow. a moment in time that changes everything else.

so hear i am Lord. on the boat. listening for the call.

i dont ever want to be the same.