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life seems almost unreal at times. there are moments that make us realize how insignificant our lives are, and how tiny we are in comparison to the whole scheme of things.

my grandfather passed away a week ago tonight. the call came while i was out to dinner last friday. and from there, the world both stood still, and raced forward.

less than 3 days later i was home. snow. cold. christmas lights. and the honor of being asked to be a pallbearer.

if i ever needed a reminder of how tiny life is…. and how quickly it ends, this week offered just that. and the chance to see the impact one life can have.

im still in shock. and i know ive not yet dealt with all this week threw at me. but for now? for now im just thankful. i spent a week in NY back in July and during that time i was able to spend a few hours with my grandparents…. and im so thankful i did.

they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary less than 2 months ago.


life changes. and sometimes it ends.

its what we do, its what i do, now. that will write the stories my children will tell about me.

cause i know that
im not sure about anything
but you wouldnt have it any other way
and the world keeps spinning round
and my worlds upside down
i wouldnt change a thing
ive got nothing else to lose
i lost it all when i found you
and i wouldnt change a thing