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if there is one thing i want to carry with me throughout the final days of 2007, one theme that above all guides my heart, and what keeps my heart soft…. i hope and pray that it is the simple truth that we all have so much to be thankful for.

that i have so much, to be thankful for.

someday, be it Gods will, id like to spend this season being thankful with someone.  but thats in Gods hands.  right now, for this time, i’m choosing to simply be thankful. im choosing to be caught up in the wonder of all that Christmas is.  the glorious song of old and the joy that it represents.

there are so many things i could blog about.  so many issues, concerns that are pressing on my heart. but not now.  not at this moment.

i dont stop often enough and simply give thanks.  for life.  for being alive.  for family and friends that i love so dearly.  for a job and a car and for not being rear-ended earlier this week.  ‘thank you’ seems paltry in comparison to what ive been given.  compared to grace.  mercy.  hope.  love.

i truly have so much to be thankful for.