the value of who we are as a people, as a nation, lies not in our foreign policy, not in our wars, or refusal to enter them, not in the strength or weakness of our dollar. the value of this country does not lie in our tax code, caucuses, or stances on immigration.

the value of who we are as a people, as a country lie in ourselves. in each of us. if we chose to be a people of honor, then our country will be a country of honor. if we chose to be a people of strength, then we will be a strong country. if we chose to be unbending in defense of those less fortunate, then our country will respond to crises – both internally and externally – and defend what is right.

the future of this country does not lie with politicians, or with who the republican nomination goes to. the future of this country will never be decided by those profiled on the 11pm news.

the future of this country is you and i. if we are people of honor, if we stand unwaveringly for what is right, if we defend the defenseless and believe in things like faith, hope and love… then this country will be great… because its people will be great.

the call to greatness lies inside of each of us. its not something we chose to have. its not something that we can simply turn off. it is there. placed in us.

it is our response to that call. to that yearning desire inside our hearts that determine our destiny. it is our response to that call that makes us who we are.


i honestly didnt plan to write any of the above. it just kind of came out. but it came from my heart.

i know im not great. im no where near great. but i want to be. i hear the calling. the promise of rain heard in the rumble of far off thunder.

david heard the same call. his years spent tending sheep were not punishment. they were not banishment for something he had done. he had not been forgotten. no… this was something more. this was something more because david was called.

the time spent as a shepherd was davids training ground. this was his time to find out what he was made of, to be refined, and to realize the call on his life for greatness.

david listened to the call, embraced the wilderness and the lessons it taught, and in doing so…. changed history.  he was what some call one of the greatest kings ever to walk this earth. just, a defender of the weak, righteous… and a friend of God.

i dont know where you find yourself today… but if anything i just wrote echoed inside of your heart, its because you’ve been hearing the call also. i implore you, as i do myself… to heed the call. embrace the wilderness, learn the lessons… change your world.

and find yourself a friend of God.