maturity is less the art of doing what is right, and more the imprinted knowing what is right.  and doing it, even when no one is looking.

when i look at myself in that light, in the light that no one sees but me, do i like what i see?  do i like who’ve ive become?  where i’m headed?  or what i’ve walked away from?

if there is one thing i need to learn, and have it engrained into me, it’s that my life is an example.  every moment, of every hour of every day of every week.  i am called to be an example.  a witness.  and its not even so much a calling as it is simple fact.

i watch people.  and the way people act speak volumes about who they are, where they came from, and those that had a hand in forging and molding them.  i wont sit under leaders who’s followers don’t exhibit the traits i want.  so what does my life say?  when people watch me…. what does my life say about those who spoke into me?  who had a hand in forging and molding who i’ve become?

i know that ive been called for more.  for more than this plane of existence.  i hear the whispers, the voices on the wind.

and i need to follow.