i’m learning that 50% of life is if.  50%.  why on earth would if be in life if it wasnt to remind us that we’re not in control.  that there are bigger things at work here than we sometimes realize.  that this life was meant to be lived with a view not just of today, but of the coming horizon.  of the coming sunrise.  of the hope and dreams of a future.

so what if if comprises the middle of this life.  i’m going to live it anyway.  i’m going to hope, and dream.  i’m going to smile and dance.  i’m going to laugh and love and learn.

hard times will come.  a lot of times, that is what the if is comprised of.  let them come.

i’m going to chose to be thankful.  for an amazing Saviour, who’s there even when i doubt Him.  and for the little things, like a boss who’s wonderful, or the sunrise today.  or that its friday.

i dont typically post about the day to day goings on of life.  but i felt that, at least for this one situation, i needed to. you see, i’ve been dealing with a situation at work thats not um…. ‘fun’.  to put it mildly.

without going into details, because in the long run, they dont really matter… lets just say frustration was growing.  and while i was stressing over it, over the if, at home no less, i realized something.  i realized that i’ve got a great boss.  a great boss who puts up with a heck of a lot more than i do.  i’m thankful for my boss and for the job i have.

and beyond that, i’m breathing.  right now.  i’m living and alive.  so heck yes, i’m going to live life.

bring on the if.