i spent the majority of this week in Denver on business.  and as much as the trip was a professional blessing, i found myself thinking of things completely un-work related.

i was at a company sponsored dinner last night.  and as the wine flowed, and conversation came easy to those around me, something caught my attention…

i sat there, and i stared.  it was simple really, it wasnt anything miraculous or breathtaking to anyone but me.  it didnt cause the earth to stand still.  there was no voice from heaven or angelic choir. it was the hand of my coworker.  holding a wineglass.  it was her left hand.  and there was a beautiful ring on her finger.

and in a moment, everything around me faded away.  i was transported.  i wasnt at dinner surrounded by coworkers.  i was lost a world beyond my physical location.  wondering… wondering whose hand would sit across the table from me, every night for the rest of my life.  whose ring would glitter in the dim light of the italian restaurant… whose hand would mindlessly caress her wineglass.

i wondered if i’d ever find her. and if she wonders the same thing.

later that evening… a certain someone popped into my head.  and, well.  i realized this:

you?  you are beautiful.  and its not just a physical beauty.  it isnt.  it emanates from who you are.  from your spirit.  you glow.  and it makes all of who you are, beautiful.

you?  you are worthy to be chased.  you are worth fighting for.  you are worth losing everything in life to obtain.  you are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  you are worth waiting for.  and worth dreaming about.

you may not see it yet, not as clearly as you will.  you may not even believe it’s there, but it is.  its inside you.  a gift from your Creator.  specific to you, and for you.  and it makes you beautiful.

and even if i’m never the one to chase you, even if im not the one who sits across from you, filled with joy because you wear my ring.  even if i never get the chance to tell you in person, you are worthy of pursuing.  and if there was a line to stand in, i’d camp outside to be first.

you’re worthy of love.  of fighting for.

you are beautiful.