(as a follow up to my post yesterday)

on the way home today, i realized something.  i realized that i take too much for granted.  i realized, again, that i allow myself to get too wrapped up in the things that are temporal.  and i so easily lose sight of the eternal.

on my way home thursday, i passed the scene of an accident that, had it happened only seconds later, may have involved me.  as i saw in the obits sunday that the 20 year old driver was killed…. i should have realized then.

yes, maybe it is time.  maybe what’s next is right around the corner.  but right now, i needed to be reminded of what’s important.  that i have so much to be thankful for.  a loving family, friends who care, a job, good health and a roof over my head.  and a saviour who promises to never leave.

i’m alive.  and i’m going to live like it.