i would never have guessed that in the closing months of my 29th year on this planet, these would be the circumstances that surround me.  i would never have guessed the changes, the upheaval, the pain and loss, and joy and freedom that the previous 29 years would have brought.

i would never have imagined that this is where i would be.

would i have chosen these roads? this path? would i, being given the vision of my, of this future, have chosen the same road that i was asked to walk? probably not.

but that only means one thing. it means that im not as wise as i want to be. that there are bigger things at play here than i comprehend. and that even after all ive seen, all ive done, and all ive come from, that there is still a rescuer out there. that He rescued me. and that He’ll be there when i need rescuing again.

so as i stand, looking at the final few months of my 20’s, i dont fear. i may not have chosen these roads, but ive walked them.

and as i step into 2010….

i will chose to hold the hand of the one who has brought me this far.

Father let my heart be after you…

Needtobreathe – Garden