lyrics from Delirious’s song White Ribbon Day.  and yet for some reason, so much more to me.

why is it that i lose sight of that?  why is it that in the busy have-to’s, the crazy requirements at work, the stress of a never ending day and all the other things we just need to get done, i lose sight of that simple truth.  of that simple foundation piece.

why is it that im so quick to judge that driver in traffic and so quick to forget that i am in as much need of grace as He is?  why do i try so hard to be the ‘leader’ and forget so quickly that the One who is leading me, lead by serving?

this One i follow, the Prince of Peace, the author of my story, He came 2000 years ago and promised a peace not as the world knows it but a peace that passes all understanding.  why is it so easy to step out from under that and worry about our  futures?  or our (my) jobs?  why do we chose to ignore the promises He gave us to provide for us always and instead fret what tomorrow may bring?

if He is who He says He is, then He knows tomorrow already.  and if He is who He says He is, then He knows what’s best for you, not only today and tomorrow, but for every tomorrow you will face.

if you’re honest with yourself tonight, if i’m honest tonight, there would be stories we could tell… stories where we know He came through for us.  moments in time that you can point to without question and share about how you shouldnt have lived through that.  or about how i shouldnt be alive today.

the point is, you have a story.  He’s come through for you in the past.  and He will again.  He promised.

so we stand, saved by His blood.  and we trust in the One who is writing our stories.