dont ask me where this image came from, because im not this creative.  i dont think like this.  it just flashed in my head.  a picture if you will, of where i am currently.  where im running to.  where life is taking me.

i saw myself running against the crowds.  fighting, pushing, shoving my way against throngs of people all running away.  away from a towering inferno.  a 20 story building on fire.  thousands of people are running from it, in terror.  and im fighting my way through the crowd, running towards it.

why?  honestly, i’m not sure.  i dont know why it just popped into my head, or why it resonated to loudly to me.  i dont fancy myself a firefighter, i’ve never wanted to be one.  and even though i was running towards the building, i wasnt going to put it out.   because that fire to me, signifies life.  signifies calling.  it signifies where i am headed.  and even if im the only one stupid enough to run towards the heat, the flames, so be it.

in this image, i knew where i was headed.  my eyes were wide open.  and there was no doubt in me about where i needed to be.  i needed to be in that building.  on fire.

i wasnt dependent on the crowds, i didnt need their approval or ok to go in the direction i was headed.  my eyes were open, my hope was strong.

and i knew where i needed to be.

Switchfoot – Your Love is a Song