there are moments when i question.  when i honestly wonder if i have what it takes.  to become the man i yearn to be.  to see the dreams in my heart come to pass in my life.  there are moments when i question my own abilities.  when i question if i’m good enough.  there are moments when i honestly wonder how any woman could fall in love with a man as flawed as i am.

and i am reminded.

that it is in my weakness that He is strong.  that this morning was birthed in grace.  that He never let go.  that i can rest.

that there is hope.  for us both.

that the One who is holding me tonight….

that i am His child.  no one elses.

i may not be the man i want to be, yet.  but i’m closer than i was in January.  and i’ll be closer still tomorrow.

Fee – Arms That Hold The Universe