we live our lives trying to maintain balance.  driven to play fair, all the while veiling our intent of protecting what we feel is rightfully ours.

we live balancing our own desires for self preservation and expansion, with the knowledge that we should play nice.  we may, on occasion, look out for another, or step outside of our comfort zone.  but we do so only when we know we are mere steps away from being in control.  we only risk what doesnt matter.  and we only give what we can live without.

we donate our old books, our used clothes, the shoes and tupperware we no longer need.  but we keep the new, the best, for ourselves.

we dont give grace, we dont live out the realness of mercy.  sure, we can when it doesnt cost, or when its something we no longer need.  but ask for something we just obtained?  step into and muddy our comfort zone?  and we forget the grace we ourselves, were given.

take something we believe is rightfully ours, and see how little we truly understand this thing called grace.

back into our car and drive off, catch us doing something embarrassing and laugh, trip us up and make us stumble, and you’ll see what we’re made of.

topple our painstakingly created house of cards and you will not find grace.  you will not find mercy.  you will not find someone conscious of the grace they were given.

shatter our facade, and you will see us as we are.  broken, wounded, hungry, scarred and scared.  and in our own eyes, unworthy of the grace we have been shown.  and in that perception, in that lack of belief, of trust in the grace given, we lash out.  we defend, our turf, our selves, our self-worth.

you dont see grace, because we lost sight of it.

you dont see grace, because i lost sight of it.

the highest calling we will ever be given, isnt to preach to millions, or have our writings inspire the masses.  it’s not to raise awareness of the poor or funds for the downtrodden.

it is to love, as Christ loved.

it is to show grace, as He showed grace.

it is to be real, and honest, and let people see us, for us.  for the broken, wounded, hungry, scarred and scared people that we are.  but it’s also to show them, that this isnt all of who we are.

that there is more.

that we’ve been shown grace.

that our wounds are healing.  that are fears, are falling by the wayside.

that we answered a divine invitation, and our lives were never the same.


future of forestry – divine invitation

in this divine invitation
we find Your embrace
and in  our deep adoration
see the light of Your face

in this divine invitation
we  all find the place
for our souls
where the longings were born long ago