tonight?  tonight my heart is full.  and tonight i am challenged.

tonight, i am reminded of things bigger than me.  of dreams bigger than the life im currently living.  tonight i am reminded that its not that we were called to be perfect, but that we were called to trust.

tonight, i am humbled.  by the beauty i see in those close to me, and close to my heart.

tonight, i am reminded again, that life isnt meant to be lived with a focus on the now.  but that life was meant to be lived looking forward, looking towards something.  tonight, i am reminded that the calling we follow isnt to drown in the patterns and responsibilities of our jobs or slowly fade away in the busyness of the now, but to reflect the love of the One who created the very fabric of time.

tonight, i am reminded of hope.

i am reminded that we walk by faith, and not by sight.

so even when i dont see, i will believe.

that i am not alone.  that this isnt all there is.  that there is more.  and that we, you and i, were called to live in the more.  that we were called to passionately follow the God of passionate love.  that we were called to see the sunrise, feel the warmth of the ocean breeze, stand in awe of the mountains and sit in silence under the desert sky.

that we were called to love, fiercely.

i will believe that there is a great and wonderful and beautiful story being written, that we are IN this story, and that we would see it as it is.

we will see the beauty, the hope, the greatness and wonder of each day, if only we would believe.

one sonic society – burn