The deepest things in life are deep for a purpose. They are not meant to be easily found or happened upon. They are meant to be desired, longed for, searched for and highly prized.

We don’t value what comes easy.  And the deep things in life, the beautiful things in life are things of immense value. Their beauty is only truly appreciated and understood by one who has forged into the dark places and retrieved the jewel that laid there.

The pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?


But the pearl at the bottom of the ocean.

The priceless painting in the remains of a home.

The diamond in the alluvial stream.

The dream in the ashes of your past.

Go there. Find the deep things. Your life wasn’t meant to be lived in the shallows. We were called to go deeper and to call others to what we find.

You have something beautiful, something of breathtaking value hidden deep within your heart. The one who is meant for you, the one you are meant to find is the one for whom you will plumb those depths. And they, yours.

But you will never find them, nor your purpose, nor the stunning breadth of color that life can instill in you unless you face the depths of your own life first. Find the beauty that is in you, that your Heavenly Father placed in you first.

Find that first.

And everything else will follow.

You are amazing, you are beautiful.

You have a purpose.

Find that, hold onto that, fight for that, and nothing on this earth will stop you.

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