My wife and I attended a concert last week and while we stood there, surrounded by thousands of other people, waiting for the show to start, the fog machines kicked in.  If you’ve ever been to a good show, you know the value of the fog machines.  They bring the stage lighting to life.  Without them, the lights simply project onto the back wall of the concert hall and have little effect but to make those in the audience squint.

But with the fog, they light up the night.

Hillsong United - Lights

Hillsong United – Lights

And as the show continued and I stood in awe of the creativity behind such beautiful lights, it struck me.  If we are a vapor, if our lives, as James 4:14 reminds us, are just a mist.  If life is a brief as eternity tells us it is, then the simple truth that He chooses to love us is amazing.

If we are vapor, dust, then so be it.  I will embrace what I am.  And I will chose to spend every moment I can in the light.  Because it’s when the mist, the dust, the fog chose to enter the light that the world takes notice.

It’s when the light envelops the fog that beauty is created, that we find our purpose, that the confusion of life slips away and we are reminded again that we were created for something more, for something amazing.  We are reminded that we are His children, chosen for this moment.  And in spite of our failures, our falls, our fears and all we face, He chooses to love us, call us His children, and welcome us home.

He brings the light for He is light.

And in Him, there is no darkness at all.

He is home.