current time? 4am…
16 hours from me over reacting to someones attempt at being honest and real.
im not sure exactly what – if anyone – actually ever reads this blog.
but if the person i happen to be refering to does read it….
i hope they know im sorry.
and that they are loved…

to put a cap on the word of the day – i learned something today. i learned that not all inadequacy is bad. ive learned that their are types of inadequacies that are ok. and some of them, make us better people. better at loving. better friends….

its the type of inadequacy that knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that – I – have no ability whatsoever to be the type of friend.. that certain people deserve. and if i do rely on myself, i fail miserably. its the type of inadequacy that forces me to continue to fail – or to rely on a power Higher and Greater than i.

there are some things i will learn once, and never forget… and then there are things i will learn over and over… and never quite understand fully
2+2 = 4?
ill never forget…
how precious my friends are?
i will never fully grasp.