my phone decided to have a rather abrupt meeting with my floor today. you’ll find out why later on.
the end result is that the remains of my phone are now inhabiting a new spacious quarters… my garbage can.
absolutely nothing to say to you tonite. however, i was so bored @ my part time job that i actually blogged from a computer without internet access. i just whipped open word pad and printed when i was done… so yeah. here ya go

so i find myself at work. or rather… i sit on my (finely tuned) butt for 5 hours, preform maybe a half hour of actual physical work and im bored outta my mind the rest of the time.

its not bad, but i could never do this forever. id go crazy. can you tell? i mean, im sitting here posting to my blog using windows word pad on a computer WITHOUT internet access. how pathetic is that? i NEED human interaction. gimme a place with people. someone to talk to… something… geez

anyway. recieved yet another “Wonderful” phone call from my dad. it seems the nice people buying our house want to push the closing date up. if they had it their way, it would be 2 weeks from now. we’ve been able to knock it back another week from that. but dads basically telling me he wants me out within 3 weeks. it’ll save him a $700 mortgage payment. and yeah…make me homeless?

ive got a chance to say ‘no’ to the push up if i cant do it. ive gotta tell dad by monday if i think i need the extra time. no pressure tho, right?


back. an hour or so later. ive decided that the station needs some definite items to improve its ability to keep me awake. first off, a ps2. secondly, INTERNET ACCESS. and finally, a small weight room or excercise machine or another comparable device… somethin:-)

ive had fun playing with the multi-effects proccessor. (for those of you not so techincally minded – its a cool lil tool that can do everything from simply adding an echo to your voice, to make it sound like your underwater… and if i wanted it too, i could sound like Zorg from Toy Story 2):-) fun stuff!

im gonna wrap this -less than impressive – run through of my nites events witha very simple thought

what you want – may never matter to anyone in this life but yourself. but never give up on your dreams. life without dreams – we have nothing to live for.
live beyond yourself, continually press on into more and more. dont quit
and never… ever… give up on your dreams

until the next installment of this life i think im living

have a wonderful nite