never stop learning. seems to be my theme for today.

what have i learned today? i learned that the world isnt always as big as it seems. ive learned that, sometimes… during the worst times of tragedy, the best in people shines through.

and ive learned that the world is sometimes a lot bigger than we think it is.

perspective. im begining to think that a lot of what we learn, and a good portion of what we dont has more to do with our perspective on life than almost any other variable.

some of you may have heard that ABC has offered David Letterman (the late show on CBS) a $31 million dollar a year contract to switch broadcasting stations. ABC wants to buy out the “late show”. whats wrong with that? nothing really. its business. but then i switched over to Nightline – the show David would be replacing on ABC.

nightline was the first of the evening news shows. dateline, 20/20, etc all followed Nightlines example. im not one to normally watch Nightline, but as i switch from NBC and Leno chit chatting about the proposed switch… i catch a glimpse of what Nightline is focusing on. a story that impacted every aspect of who we as Americans thought we were. what was the story about?


one of the reporters caught up with a professional photographer who has been at Ground Zero since day one. it was His story. he was granted a ‘mayoral photographer’ pass. which was technicaly, a Police pass to anywhere on Ground zero. some of His photos were breathtaking… and the stories he had? humbling, to say the least.

have we as a nation moved beyond the images of 9/11? i hope and pray that the images we saw that day, will forever be engrained into the very fiber of this nation. not only for the lives lost, but because of the results of that fate filled day. America – came together.
a generation without a cause, now had passion.

have i, as a human being – gotten so caught up in the troubles and trials in my life that ive forgotten how big this world really is? that the planets dont revolve around me? my life, in all its grandeur, is simply insignificant when view with the light of this nation.

ill give you perspective.

perspective is knownig that your problems arent so bad.
perspective is knowing that you werent in 9.11
perspective, is realizing that you were lucky. –the photographer talked about a moment at Ground Zero when a hush fell over the entire complex. workers digging in the South Tower uncovered some human remains inside a crushed elevator shaft that had been burried under tons of rubble and debris. but the elevator shaft wasnt from the South Tower. it was from the North Tower. the elevator shaft – and the men inside – flew more than 100 Yards through the air before they landed… and was burried.

how anyone can live without God in times like these? i will never understand.

perspective is knowing that you’re not the one in control.
wisdom, is being ok with that.

i feel i have a pretty good perspective for this time in my life. the wisdom thing, im still working on.
i may make mistakes. i may fall. i may fall often. but i know where im going to land when i fall….

….in those same Arms that carried the wounded home on 9/11.
in those Arms that bled and died on a cross…. so that i wouldnt have too
in those Arms that know how much i can handle, and will never give me more than that.

im learning, that this world is so much bigger than i am. and im learning… that the impact i leave, will be so much bigger than i will ever be.

until the next installment of this life i think im living…