breaking news for tonite:
blog has finally decided to plant a working cookie on my computer.
do you have any idea how annoying it is to have to log in every time you blog?
anyway… enough ranting

today consisted of
1 part starbucks
1 part moving stuff
1 part moving more stuff
3 parts chucky cheeses
3000 parts lil kids
2 parts headache
3 parts advil
2 parts John Q
1 part mac-n-cheese
2 parts big wind storm
1 part fun nite at my house
intersperse throught the mix generous amounts of a special friend
and over all…it was a good day

however, the weatherman said that it dropped 25 degrees in 10 minutes earlier this evening. sniff sniff.

moving on
thought for the nite-
good things aren’t always God things.

more later
but my hearts cry, especially to special friends… is to have a God thing. not a good thing

until the next installment of this life i think im living
today absolutely rocked
-nite all